When you are cutting worktops it's all about having the right blade for the right job. Here we have the ideal blades for working with solid surface. If you work with different solid surface worktops, some which are entirely solid surface and some which have a chipboard substrate, we would always recommend that you have a blade that you only use with those worktops which are entirely composed of solid surface materials. This is because the wear on the blade when cutting one type of material is even and gives a smoother, more consistent finish than if a blade is cutting both solid surface and chipboard.

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Circular Saw Blade For Solid Surface - 160mm X 20mm
Used for cutting solid surface worktops to size. This TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) saw blade has been specifically configured to provide excellent performance when working with solid surface material, for high quality chip-free cutting. This particular blade configuration also promotes effective extraction, removing deb..
Ex VAT: £45.50
Jigsaw Blades - T101B (Pack Of 5)
Used for cut out and scribing solid surface worktops. These jigsaw blades are ideally specified for cutting solid surface worktops with the teeth angles set up to pull debris from the cutting face increasing the blade's efficiency. ..
Ex VAT: £4.50
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