The feature that predominantly attracts people to solid surface worktops is the ability to inconspicuously joint them, giving a seamless surface that flows throughout the kitchen. This ability further allows fabricators and installers to demonstrate their skills creating additional features such as built up edges. Here we have the key tools and accessories needed to make solid surface joints efficiently and professionally.

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Karonia Adhesive Mixer Nozzles (Pack Of 10)
For use with Karonia solid surface adhesive cartridges to apply the adhesive to the jointing area. These mixer nozzles are specially designed to fit our solid surface adhesive cartridges. They ensure that the resin and catalyst expressed from the cartridge are mixed to the correct ratio using a helicoidal matrix within t..
Ex VAT: £11.50
Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (Box Of 200)
Used for cleaning solid surface material of any debris and adhesive spills during installation. These wipes are ideal for maintaining a tidy working environment keeping the worktops clean to avoid instances such as spilled adhesive curing on the surface which would mean extra work that could have been avoided. A key..
Ex VAT: £6.95
Plastic Spatulas (Pack Of 10)
Used for spreading solid surface adhesive across the jointing faces. The ideal tool for ensuring that you have the whole jointing area covered with adhesive, so that the jointing process can be as effective as possible. Colour may vary from item shown. ..
Ex VAT: £5.50
Karonia Seaming Tool Kit (Boxed Pair)
Used for pulling together, levelling and securing worktops during the jointing process. These seaming tools allow you to pull the joint together without the need to be underneath the worktop, which allows you greater control over the accuracy and level of the joint itself.          ..
Ex VAT: £280.00
Standard Spiral Face Cutter - 35mm Cut (12.7mm Shank)
Used for producing router-finished faces and also trimming jointing faces up to 35mm in depth This solid Tungsten Carbide router bit has been specifically developed for providing high quality finishes. Twin flute spiral configuration evenly applies the router's power across the cutting area for a superior finis..
Ex VAT: £58.50
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