The beautiful finish of solid surface is enhanced by its ability to be sanded to varying levels of sheen from a matte finish through to gloss. These finishes are achieved using abrasive papers and pads to polish the surface creating the desired specification. From a practical point of view, the key to achieving high standard finishes consistently is a combination of sanding technique and effective dust management. Here we offer MIrka's Dust-free Sanding System as a complete finishing solution with their range of abrasives, sanders and extraction units.

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Dust Extraction Machine 915 - 110V
Dust Extraction Unit for use when cutting, routing and finishing.  The Mirka CEROS / 915 Dust Extraction Vacuum Machine is designed for dust-free sanding in combination with the NEW Mirka CEROS  Sanders, Abranet Hand Sanding Tools and the Mirka Abranet Deco Sander tools. The unit can be used with either el..
Ex VAT: £315.00
Extraction Hose For CEROS / DEROS Sander (4m)
Used for connecting CEROS/DEROS Sander to extraction equipment This extraction hose has been designed so that it is compatible with other non-Mirka extraction units. ..
Ex VAT: £27.50
Mirka CEROS 650Cv Sander (150mm) - Dual Voltage with 110v Mains Cable
Used for finishing and polishing solid surface worktops. The CEROS (Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander) from Mirka not only provides an exceptionally even and consistent finishing result, but also makes the task of achieving the finish simple and easy. DUAL VOLTAGE (110v and 240v) -  A 110V MAINS LEAD IS..
Ex VAT: £252.00
Mirlon Finishing Pad 150mm Ø - Very Fine (Box Of 10)
Used for finishing solid surface worktops. Mirlon is a flexible, three-dimensional fibre sanding material that provides an excellent surface finish. Due to its special structure, Mirlon provides a non-aggressive finishing medium that is also easy to use on profiled surfaces.   ..
Ex VAT: £9.99
Pad Saver For CEROS - 150mm (Pack Of 5)
Used to protect the base plate of the sanding machine from wear and tear when sanding. These cost effective pad saver discs, positioned between the backing pad and the sanding disc, should be changed regularly and will prolong the life of the backing pad. For use with Abranet abrasive discs 73 holes suitable for ..
Ex VAT: £25.00
Polish Application Sponge - 150mm
Used to apply polish to solid surface worktops. The texture of this polishing sponge provides consistent and even spread across the surface, in conjunction with a quality polish this can be used to buff the surface to a high shine. ..
Ex VAT: £6.00
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